Social Emotional Learning

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Educating the Whole Child

Transformative learning is far more than the memorization and application of facts and theories. At Gateway, all teachers explicitly build social and emotional skills into their practice, across every grade and every subject. By being intentional about building classroom and school communities where students feel supported in taking risks and teaching skills that help young people become empathetic, thoughtful young adults, Gateway prepares all students to thrive both in and out of the classroom. 

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A Model of Social Emotional Education

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Gateway's approach to teaching and learning is the subject of a 2020 case study from the Learning Policy Institute, which documents "how the creation of a positive school climate (at Gateway Schools), along with a full and rich curriculum focused on meaningful learning, has led to improved motivation, sense of belonging, and student achievement that outpaces most similarly situated schools in California." We're delighted to share their findings.