Hiring Gateway’s Next Executive Director

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Executive Director Search

Hiring Gateway’s Next Executive Director


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January 3, 2022

As we move into the New Year, we have just six months left with our long-time and beloved executive director, Sharon Olken. We are making the most of our time together and looking forward to celebrating her tenure and legacy in our school community. 

In the meantime, Gateway’s Board of Trustees and an internal search committee are actively working with Edgility Consulting, an executive leadership search firm, to find our new organizational leader. We are thrilled to share that we have had 164 applicants to date, and currently are in the video and phone interview stages of the process. 

Based on this progress, we expect to maintain the planned timeline of selecting and interviewing semi-finalists in January, conducting finalist interviews in February, and making an offer in March. We hope to introduce the new executive director to the broader community in April 2023. They will assume the role in July 2023.

Edgility is still actively recruiting candidates; the job posting is available here. If you have someone you would like to recommend for the role, please contact Corina Ramos at [email protected] or at 510.495.0040.