Benefits and Compensation

A Rewarding, Sustainable Career

At Gateway, our career growth and compensation model looks a little different from what you might expect at other public schools. We have conducted extensive research and worked closely with our faculty to develop a system that allows our teachers to make a good wage and live in the community they serve, despite the Bay Area’s high cost of living. And we’re committed to providing excellent benefits so that their decision to stay in the classroom is a truly sustainable one for their health and well-being.

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Our Career Stages Model

Gateway’s Career Stages Model is based on three domains of educators’ practice: Teaching Excellence, Leadership and Community Impact, and Professional Responsibilities. As teachers’ competencies grow in these domains, they move across the Career Stages Continuum and their compensation increases. Each Career Stage offers differentiated support, professional development and leadership opportunities. We believe this is a more equitable model than traditional “step scales,” and one that rewards teachers for the impact they’re making today, rather than time served. A similar model is in place for non-teaching positions, tailored to each role and focused on growth and reflection.

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Other Benefits

  • We offer a signing bonus, competitive compensation packages, excellent health benefits, student loan repayment support, paid planning time, and funding for professional development opportunities. 
  • We support faculty growth through coaching, professional development, and leadership opportunities.
  • We prioritize professional development by building it into our academic calendar and weekly schedule. 
  • We systematically create opportunities for teacher collaboration and leadership.
  • We keep class sizes small to maximize the opportunity for personalized learning.
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