2018 - 2019 Donor List

seated students applauding at graduation

2018 - 2019 Donors

Individual and Community Supporters, 2018-19

The amazing community at Gateway, and the remarkable achievements of the thousands of students and alumni it has nurtured, would not be possible without the support of our generous donors. We are pleased to acknowledge our friends and partners who have made contributions between July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019, with deepest gratitude. Click through for more information about Gateway's financial makeup

Visionary ($10,000+)


Wendy Holcombe and

Kelly and Carrie Barlow

Carl Kawaja

Thomas and Lily Beischer

Kathryn and Richard Kimball

Allison and Aneel Bhusri

Annie and Perry Klebahn

Sapna and Brandon Boze

Susan and Chris Masto

Sara and Thomas Byrne

Gale Mondry and Bruce Cohen

Cecily Cameron and

Anna and Mason Morfit

Derek Schrier Meagan and Dan Nye

Katie and Reed Colley

Jackie Quella and Phil Conley

John F. Dains

Anne Selting and David Sosa

Cathy and Sandy Dean

Ali and Brad Singer

Becky Draper Laura and Greg Spivy
Martha Ehmann Conte Catherine Sullivan
Dana and Bob Emery Mari Tilos and Donald Lobo
Doris Fisher Dina and Joseph To
Rocky Fried Karen Lee Wright and 
Catherine and Rob Hale Trevor Wright



A golden serpent drawn by a student

Champion ($5,000 to $9,999)

Fantasy creature (a rainbow turtle) drawn by a student
Claire and Eric Alt

Stephanie and Holger Luedorf

Rich Hake

Julie and Will Parish

Diana Kapp and David Singer

Pooja and Vivek Shah

Lisa and Derek Kirkland

Grace and Steven Voorhis

Adriana Lopez-Vermut and

Leslie Walker 

Aaron Vermut  



Advocate ($2,500 to $4,999)

Ellen and Tom Bauch

Ruth E. and David G. Plant 

Beth Berliner and

Charitable Fund

Larry Hirschhorn

Mary Powell and

Philip Black and

Adam Messinger

Brigitte Sandquist

Suzanne and Will Schutte

Jon and Judy Brill

Maryam Seifi and

Shannon and Doug Cogen

Alex Pourshayegan

Nel and Charles Ellwein Charles Siu and Silby Mui

Sakurako and William Fisher

Sallie Squire

Sharon Gillenwater and

Bettina and Scott Setrakian

Andrew Keeler

Roselyne C. Swig

Katherine and Duncan Kennedy Paul M. Wythes, Jr. and
Lisille and Henry Matheson Mai Mai Wythes
Kirstin and Patrick McFarlane Susan and David Tunnell
Tina McGovern Brenda and Jeremy Wagner
Ahsha Merson and Katherine Welch
Dylan Haggart James P. Whitlock
Andrew Middleton and  Diane B. Wilsey
Antea von Henneberg John Yost
Olivia Morgan  
Britta Narum and Joost Krikhaar  
Nancy Chetaitis and  
Sharon Olken  


A fantasy bird/shark hybrid drawn by a student

Ally ($1,000 to $2,499)

A cloud with rainbow wings and rainbows coming out of its mouth, drawn by a student

Joe and Brenda Adeeb

Vince and Amanda Hoenigman 

Estevan Aguayo

Colleen and Thomas Kanaley

Therese and David Arsenault

Anne Kenner and Jim Scopa

Phaedra Bell and Daniel Dohan

Missy Kirchner

William and Allison Bennington

Nataliya Komarovskaya and 

James and Sari Berliner

Oleg Vaynshteyn

Kinsley Binard

Chris Lawson and Grant Vincent

Amelie Bullard and  Lucinda Lee Katz

Boris Delepine

Maggie and Carter Mack

Kristin Bumgarner and 

Chanda and Daniel Lockhart

Rich Snodsmith

Sirena McCart and

Craig and Vida Campbell David Winslow
The Chiavacci Family Stu and Meg McLaughlin
Mrs. Mary and Dr. Yanek Chiu Georgia McNamara and 
Danielle Ciccarelli and  Kevin Muerle
Mark Sorensen Natalia and Peter Nordstrom
Eve and Bruce Collard Anne and Robert Pedrero
Robert Contreras and  Mark S. Peek
Kenneth McGary Patrick Peterson and 
Kelly and Joshua Danson Shirley Tsai
William H. Draper III and  Stephen Popper and 
Phyllis C. Draper Fund Elizabeth Joyce
Lisa Mila Farmer Lynne and Greg Roberts
Audrey and Spencer Feely Debbie and Geoff Sampson
Laura and John Fisher Sue Schultes and 
Randi and Bob Fisher Patrick Skovran
Lauren and Jamie Ford Janice and Geoffrey Sears
Yue Gao and Ping Kang Ashima Sharin and Maoj Yadav
Christine and Curtis Gardner Sarah Sims
Matthias and Tori Geiken Jessica and Eric Spaly
Brett Glickman and  Jennifer Stroud
Joel Mullennix Alla Teper and Alex Geyler
Beth and Brian Grossman William Twomey
Renu and Nitin Gupta Aaron Watson and
Elizabeth and Spyder Heaney Becca Wieder
Amy Heredia and Brian Berson Lauren Weiss
Christopher and  Erin Willard and Pete Hultman
Deirdre Hockett Julie Wise and Jason Willig
Kirsten Hoefer and  Cindy Wong and Wayne Dong
Robert Brown Sharon and Russell Woo


Friend ($250 to $999)

Terri and Hyacinth Ahuruonye

Beth and Chris Lane

Katie Albright and Jake Schatz

Wendy Leung and Frank Wong

Ann Alpers and Shawn Hanson

Jaime and Joshua Litz

Manuel Antonio and 

Tyrell Mahoney

Laura Arana

Deena Mallareddy and 

Ellen Aquila and Gloria Heredia

Brett Evans

Evelyn Armstrong

Colby and Amy Mancasola

Amy and Mark Atkinson  Sara Marcopulos

Agathe Azzis-Midon and 

Teresa Mason

Alexis Midon

Judith McRae

Jolie and Scotty Bastable

Gabrey and Tommy Means

Kilty Belt-Vahle and Peter Vahle Holly and John Micheletos
Juli Betwee Mitra Modarressi
Jasmine Bhuva and Jake Bauer Diana Montgomery
Matthew Biggar Jenny Moore
Cynthia and Shari Fletcher- Jane Mortimer
Billops Jade Moy and Ryan Johnson
Dolores Bonilla Beth Mulcahy and 
Lisa Bransten and John Rumsey Thomas Martin III
Judy and Neal Breitbarth Hilda and Wade Muramoto
Aimee Brown Nikki Murray
Lycia Carmody Vidya and Kisen Nathu
Diane Carr Diana Nelson and John Atwater
Jack Chan and LanXing Liu Kristy Nelson
Sherman Chen and  Hallie Ness
Katherine Jung Yana Nikitina and 
Juliana Choy John Lindstrom
Kelly Close Otgonbaatar Ochir and 
Mercedes Coats and  Oyunkhand Demberel
Hiro Shimozato Irene Ogus
Eimer Cody and  Therry and Charlie Olken
Eugene Gerard Murphy Jennifer Ozanne
Elin and Craig Cohen Hilary Passman and 
Judith Cohen and  Jason Cherniss
Malcolm Gissen Sudha Pennathur
Virginia Conner Erin Plunkett Niehaus and 
Irene and Michael Conte Matthew Niehaus
Ruth Ann Costanza John Quarterman and 
Jude Deckenbach and  Fabienne Blanc
David Tejeda Kevin and Alisa Rafter

Michael and Holly Depatie

Shadelly and Jeffrey Reader

Nora Diab

Carla Richards

Eithne and Kieran Doorley

Michelle Riehle

Lauren Dutton and Glen Tripp

Kate and Henry Rogers

Holly Edson and Kevin Bayuk

Martha Ryan and 


Daniel McDonald

Phillip Enis and Julia Gourd

Adina Safer and Mark Sole

Brian Ferrall and Laurie Poston Henry and Karlin Safrit

Lori and Kirk Fetzer

David Salem and Mayumi Oya

Kelly and Conor Forde

Sue Ann Schiff

Gretchen Frantz

Angeline Seah and Riggies Tang

Michael Fuller and Paola Nou Lori and Glenn Shannon
Brian Furciniti Patricia and Jason Sharp
Dora Garcia and Saul Ramirez Kevin and Lisa Simpson
Christina Goette Shelley and Benjamin Smith
Cherie Golant Kimberly Stewart and 
Jorge and Rosie Gomez Douglas Sanders
Paige Grey Tiffany Stuart
Leticia Guevara DiLallo and Natalie Taylor and Steven Smith
Michael DiLallo Eileen and Matthew Thornton
Stephanie Halvorson and  Jennifer and Thomas Thornton
Frederic Meunier Peter Thorp
Gary Head and Le Vu Ted Tilles
Amy and Paul Heasman Valerie Toler
Suzanne Herko and Mark Felton Janet Veatch
Darin Hilton and  Julie Veit and John Shim
Genevieve Nowicki Sylvia Ventura and 
Kimberly Hofland Daniel Barahona
Heidi Hohener Denise Wang-Kline
Marny and Andrew Homan Laurie Wertz and Ben Feinbaum
Stephanie and Henry Ichinose Aaron and Yulia White
Elizabeth and Eric Isaacs Margot Shaub and 
Kristin Iyer Cathy Widener
Mary Janigian Cindy and David Wilson
Kimberly Johnson Sara Witt
Lara Karchmar Lara Witter and Curt Sigfstead
Michelle and Jonathan  Grace Won and Richard Holden
Kishimoto Deborah and Bryan Wong
Christine and Serge Kosche Elaine and Henry Wong
Marina Koshevatskaya and  Alexis Woods and 
Aleksandr Frid Daniel Donahoe
Rocco Lamanna-Ramirez and  Eric Young and
Willie Ramirez Gentry Clements
  Lucie Zivny and Philip Millenbah


a mermaid insect hybrid drawn by a student

Community and Corporate Support


list of corporate donors