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Library & Technology

The Jack A. Sullivan Library

Library at Gateway

The Jack A. Sullivan Library at Gateway helps students, parents, and staff utilize resources that facilitate both the learning and teaching of a rigorous academic curriculum. The library has over 24 computers and 1,500 volumes, as well as a wide selection of reading books and magazines. The library enjoys a close relationship with the San Francisco Public Library.

Board member Lisille Matheson was instrumental in planning for and creating Gateway's library. Her neighbor, Catherine Sullivan, wanted to support Gateway and decided to donate funds to create and sustain the library program in honor of her late husband, Jack Sullivan. The beautiful room, with tables handmade by Henry Matheson, opened in February 2001.


All students are made aware of how technology can help them better understand and access the curriculum. Each grade level has access to portable Mac Laptop computers as well as desktop computers stationed in the Learning Center. We also use a portable set of iPads and Chomebooks in classrooms.

Students are able to use and access several computer applications that can enhance learning, honor the individual learning styles of the students, and help students approach academics in a more methodical, independent manner.

All enrolled students and families must accept the terms of the Student Acceptable Use Policy in order to access and utilize school-provided technology services and assets.

Technology at Gateway