Community Service

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Advocating for Our Community

Instilling a strong sense of responsibility to our communities and each other is core to the values and educational approach of GHS. Rather than mandating a few service hours as an afterthought for graduation requirements or using community service as a disciplinary measure, service opportunities are thoughtfully woven into the student experience for all four years of high school and across academic subject areas.

Students: Need to log service hours? Find directions and student forms here.

Community Service Day

Student participate in a car wash for charity

One of our proudest traditions at Gateway is our annual Community Service Day, in which students dedicate a Friday to pitching in with community organizations across the city or on their very own campus, while building relationships with classmates and staff.  Students design and plan their own community service project in their advisory sections, build a real connection between students and the social need they are working to address.This year students volunteered at museums, playgrounds, community pantries, and even ran a fundraising car wash on campus to benefit local nonprofits. It’s an amazing way to get the school year underway and is always a memorable occasion. 

Community Service Enables Students to:

  • Believe in the importance of helping others and the environment.

  • Learn to embrace, and have compassion for, human diversity.

  • Take pride in being conscientious members of the global community.

Students preparing for a service project

Community Service Activities Include:

Students pose while cleaning a playground
  • Packing bagged lunches and toiletries for the homeless.
  • Cleaning and organizing Gateway High School and Middle School classrooms.
  • Creating quilts of thermal material for youth who are undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Picking up litter on San Francisco's beaches.
  • Preparing food at a local food bank.
  • ...And so much more!