21st Century Learning

gateway high school students in science lab

Real-World Learning at Gateway

Gateway’s curriculum and program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and habits needed for the 21st century. Our up and coming STEAM center and current programs provide students with opportunities to explore real-world learning and entrepreneurship experiences.

Gateway's STEAM Center

Students in the Impact Lab

Gateway is home to a new, dedicated space that ignites our students' creativity, fosters their critical thinking, and enables them to engage with technology, each other, and the world around them. The STEAM Center, a renovated 4,000 square foot former locker room on the Gateway High School campus, includes a Maker Lab where students and teachers tinker, test, prototype, and engage in hands-on learning that requires real-world problem solving.


Gateway's Hands-On Science Program

Gateway’s highly successful science program is founded on the idea that students learn best when they are engaged in the highly rigorous work of real scientists.  All students at Gateway are required to take at least three years of science, exceeding the admissions requirements for the UC and CSU systems. In addition to these three core science classes, students have the opportunity to take a variety of advanced science electives.  All science classes have three overarching design components: inquiry based learning, real-world applications, and collaborative team building.

hands on science program at gateway

Gateway's Business Math Program

Business Math at Gateway

In Business Math, students learn how to manage their finances, save money for college and retirement, and start their own businesses.  Students visit thriving companies and startups, learn about different business models, and meet entrepreneurs, mathematicians, and economists.  Learning math in the context of the real world engages our students and helps them see the importance of math.

Common Core at Gateway

All academic courses at Gateway are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and incorporate Gateway’s particular emphasis on process of learning, commitment to community, and integrity. Learn more about Common Core, how the standards were developed, why the math homework may look different than the assignments you remember from your own high school experience, and how Gateway works to implement the standards here.

Common Core at Gateway