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Show Your Smarts for Gateway!

At Gateway, we believe every student is deserving of a high quality education, regardless of their background, income or learning style. Each year, we raise $2 million to provide our 800 students with a life-changing program, all at no cost to their families.

Gateway Public Schools is hosting our 2nd Annual Trivia-Thon! Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support the nearly 800 students who attend Gateway Middle and Gateway High Schools here in San Francisco.

Fundraising teams will get together virtually on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, at 6pm to compete for The Trivia Trophy and unseat the reigning Gateway Faculty All-Stars from 2020! Brush off your history books and rummage through your closet, because the theme of this year's event is Through the Decades -- you'll be quizzed on events, pop culture, fashion and more from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s!

Teams started by Gateway alumni that raise a minimum of $500 get a mailed gift pack prior to the event, five rounds of trivia, and trophies and prizes! This is a 21+ event.

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Tips for Joining the Trivia-Thon

1. Start or join a Trivia-Thon fundraising team today!

Once on the team creation site, click on "Become a Fundraiser" and select "Start a Team" or "Join a Team". Each virtual team can have up to 6 players. Pick a decade for your team theme and get your costumes ready!

2. Fundraise with your team starting now!

Each alumni team collectively raises at least $500 to participate in the Trivia-Thon. The more your team fundraises, the more perks for your team.

3. Attend the Trivia-Thon on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Your team gets a spot at our virtual Trivia-Thon hosted on Zoom! Compete for best team costume, most raised for Gateway, and winning trivia!

Join or Start a Team

Team Fundraising Kit

Already have your team set up? Our Fundraising Kit has everything you need to hit the ground running, including sample emails and social posts to your community! 

Alumni Team Fundraising Kit

More Money Raised = More Perks!

Teams that raise at least $500 get:

  • Interactive virtual trivia for up to a 6-person team
  • A game night box for each player with a Trivia-Thon pint glass, coaster and snacks!

Teams that raise $1,500+ get all of the above and:

  • Fort Point beer delivery (or a nonalcoholic option!)

The Top Fundraising Team gets all of the above AND:

  • Can phone a friend for one question during trivia!
  • An alligator piñata filled with mini booze bottles!

But that's not all! Game night points will be awarded to teams that:

  • Play in a decade-themed costume!
  • Use a decade-themed Zoom background!

Join or Start a Team​​​​​​​

Join with Your Company Team!

Companies can sponsor a team to participate in the Trivia-Thon:

  • Your company makes a tax-deductible donation of $2,500 
  • Trivia for up to a 6-person team
  • A game night box for each player
  • Publicity for the company: name, logo and links on all Trivia-Thon content, including the game night box shipped to all players and slides during the game

Contact Marianne Fives, Senior Development Manager, at to register your company team today!