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Athletic Principles

The Gateway Athletics program is founded on principles of hard work, accountability, honor, integrity, teamwork, and sports (wo)manship. It is our belief that adherence to these principles in all of our dealings will help to create a healthy, positive, and welcoming environment and will lead to the best possible outcomes not just for all of those individuals involved in our program but for those with whom they interact.

Athletics at GHS


Sports Offered at Gateway

Gateway is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), North Coast Section (NCS), and The Bay Counties League (BCL). Please see the Gateway High School Athletics Handbook for more information and a complete outline of expectations, policies and procedures.


  • Boys Varsity Soccer
  • Girls Varsity Volleyball
  • Girls JV Volleyball


  • Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Boys JV Basketball
  • Girls Varsity Basketball


  • Co-Ed Varsity Baseball
  • Girls Varsity Soccer

Athletics Mission, Philosophy, and Culture

Athletics Mission Statement

The mission of the Gateway Athletics department is to:

  • Support the overall mission of Gateway High School
  • Help students to develop leadership skills and self-discipline
  • Instill and proper attitudes toward winning and losing, success and failure
  • Inspire respect for fellow athletes, students, parents and coaches
  • Teach an understanding of the value of teamwork
  • Develop an appreciation for the relationship between investment and reward
  • Improve skill sets specific to sport
  • And to excel on the field of play
Statement of Philosophy and Intention

Gateway’s Athletics program is a natural extension of the school's charter and curriculum and provides educational physical activities to encourage and promote the development of our students. We believe that teaching and playing sports the right way, in accordance to our principles and in a safe and positive environment can make a valuable contribution to a balanced education and to preparing young people to become productive, contributing citizens of their communities and of our society. It is our intention to provide Gateway’s student-athletes with the opportunity to experience meaningful growth and accomplishment outside of the classroom, to further develop a strong work ethic, to learn sound habits of mind and body and to continue to develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

A Culture of Inclusion

For far too long the world of sports has been a bastion for exclusion, homophobia, for unhealthy competition, for insecurity, for the transmission of the pain from wounds that we carry and for the bullying that follows.  It's past time for all of that to stop, for all to heal, to accept and love ALL others for who they are and to understand that we are strongest together, when all members of our team/community/society are not just completely safe but are in fact celebrated for expressing 'self' in true openness and in fierce and joyful authenticity.  

In fitting with the values of Gateway Public Schools, Gateway High School’s Athletics department will hold a space and promote culture of acceptance and inclusion for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, privilege, gender identity or sexual orientation. Hateful or exclusionary speech or action(s) by or towards teammates, opponents, coaches, parents, fans or any other members of our community is completely unwelcome and will not be tolerated.

Athletics Calendar

Athlete Eligibility

All students interested in playing sports at Gateway High School must complete and return the Student-Athlete Eligibility Packet, which can be found in the main office or from the Athletic Director. Completed applications should be returned to the main office or to the Athletic Director.