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Gateway Hosts Beta Impact Event for Public School Advocates

Gateway Beta Impact Panelists

Gateway recently launched an initiative - Gateway Impact - to share many of our curricular, instructional, and professional development resources related to student agency and noncognitive skills through an online platform and outreach to other schools, nonprofits, and organizations.


On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, we hosted Beta Impact, an event for public school advocates to learn more about Gateway Impact and how we implement student agency at our schools.


Suzanne Herko, Gateway Middle School teacher and Student Agency Coordinator, Jeff Sprague, Gateway High School teacher, Steve Juarez, Gateway Middle School Student Support Coordinator, and Sharon Olken, Gateway’s Executive Director, led a conversation about the platform's capabilities, how Gateway teachers use student agency in their own classrooms, and how all educators can use the shared tools to grow and collaborate.


Gateway Impact represents our commitment to initiating and maintaining a dialogue that enriches our public schools and supports educators.


If you would like to learn more about Gateway Impact, collaborate with us, or reserve your spot at Gateway Impact’s Inaugural Educator Mini-Conference on Saturday, February 9, please send us an email at


Pictured left to right: Gateway teachers Suzanne Herko, Jeff Sprague, and Steve Juarez